This is how you will recognize us in the future.

We are renewing the grill department and have switched to a new, great logo.

During a transition period, you will probably find new and old logos in the stores.
The good quality of the products is the same as before.

Grilling with a gas grill is both easy and efficient. Gas grills are well suited for both direct and indirect grilling, and the possibilities for finding your perfect barbecue are unlimited. A gas grill heats up quickly, and it is easy to control the heat and adapt it to the food to be grilled.

Nordic Season gas grills come in many sizes and variants, with varying number of burners and options for the use of several types of accessories.

Grilling with charcoal/wood we have humans done since we got control of the fire. For many of us, grilling with charcoal is a barbecue. It’s social, and the result of a perfect barbecue is for many of us the best you can experience.

Nordic Season offers a varied range of charcoal grills in many different sizes and varieties – for use both at home and abroad.

Electric grills have evolved a lot in recent years. Even for someone who grills a lot, the taste difference is often minimal. If you want a grill that is easy and safe to operate, or live in such a way that there are restrictions on the use of open flames – an electric grill is a good solution.

Many grills can also be used indoors, and for those with abstinence when the autumn storms are on, barbecue from an electric grill is a great alternative.

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