The lights

In pursuit of the perfect Christmas tree, it is important to
know what types of pre-assembled Christmas tree lights
you can choose from:

Mini LED lights, Wirelights, SmartLights and coloured LED lights

LEDlys Christmas tree


Wirelights are smaller than mini LED lights. Small LED light points (diodes) are fixed directly on the wire and evenly distributed throughout the tree, right from the inner most of the stem to the outer most of the branches. On Christmas trees with wirelights there are several bright spots and shorter distance between each diode, compared to mini LED lights. Due to the size of the diode, each diode emits slightly less light, but the total number of bright spots together constitutes a great light splendor of the tree.

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Mini LEDlys

LED mini lights are small light bulbs of high quality with a long service life. Our models come with extra multi-mini lights adapted to each tree. The number of bulbs ranges from 130 lights on the smallest and up to 500 lights on the largest trees. Most Christmas trees with LED minilights have a 5-speed dimmer on the transformer, so you can easily adjust the brightness of the lights..

LEDlys Christmas tree

Light with color scheme

On selected models, the pre-assembled lights come with color scheme. Choose between having colored light or standard warm white light. The remote control allows you to control color schemes and various lighting functions as desired. The lighting features are many, including switching between several colors in combination, flashing, sparkling and timer function. In total, there are 48 functions: 8 different colors and 40 motion patterns.

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Hot white LED light (WW)

Most of Nordic’s artificial Christmas trees have pre-assembled lights. Then you do not have to distribute all the lights evenly and nicely on the tree. Pre-assembled lights have warm white LED bulbs (abbreviated as WW, warm white) that give the lights a pleasant and evocative, warm glow. LED bulbs are energy efficient and emit little heat.


SmartLight is LED light paired with a Wi-Fi box and allows you to control the lights of the tree with your smartphone. Download the app for free on the App store or Google Play. In the app you have features such as dimming, hours, double hours and various lighting programs. Multiple trees with SmartLight can be controlled from the same app. SmartLight can be used without a mobile phone, and the lights will then light up at full power. The explanatory manual for hook-up is included with the tree and is also digitally found in the app.

Dimming function

On some occasions it is nice to be able to mute the Christmas tree lights.
For example, the lights on the tree can be disruptive if the TV stands in the same room as the Christmas tree. Most trees come with light and dimming function, which is controlled via transformer. On the transformer there is a convenient button that adjusts the brightness step by step. There are a total of 5 steps between full brightness and that the light is completely off. Always use the dimmer supplied with the Christmas tree. Do not plug the plug into an electrical outlet connected to a wall-mounted dimming switch.

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