The advantages

Increasing demand

Artificial Christmas trees have become very popular in Norwegian homes in recent years, and not without reason. Trees looks so lifelike, that you will think they come straight from the forest. In addition, you will discover the many practical advantages of owning an artificial tree, which is economical, convenient and gives you more time for Christmas fun.

Several types of trees to choose from

If you have decided to buy an artificial Christmas tree, you have many great trees to choose from. Large or smaller trees in different shapes and colors, narrow trees that require little space, wood with snow-capped branches, trees with extra lots of lights, trees without light, or trees that can be used both outside and inside. If you choose artificially, it opens up more options.

Beautiful and lush – year after year

It is limited how long a real tree stays neat, even with good care. An artificial tree does not need water or a specific room temperature to stay healthy. It will never sprinkle or turn brown, and Christmas can last as long as you want. Like everything else, dusting of branches and needles will be necessary after some time. If you store the tree in a box or storage bag, you will have an equally nice and lush tree as next Christmas approaches.

Storage bag Christmas tree

Allergy friendly

Artificial Christmas trees are a natural choice if you have asthma or other allergy ailments. A real tree will naturally contain pollen, mold and can also bring with it insects that often settle in the tree trunk. With an artificial tree, insects and pollen can be stressful for allergy sufferers.


An artificial Christmas tree will stay nice year after year. If you buy a good quality artificial Christmas tree, this is a one-time investment that will pay off over time, compared to buying a real tree every Christmas. Nature is also spared unnecessarily wooden logging.

Accessible and easy to use

As Christmas is approaching, it can be a relief to know that the Christmas tree is already in the box. You don’t have to pick up, transport and acclimatize a big, real tree. An artificial tree comes in three parts wrapped in a manageable box. The installation is simple. When Christmas is over, it’s gratifying not to have to carry a real tree with brown, sprinkled branches out on the porch or down the stairwell. An artificial tree, disassembled and stored in the box. We recommend a storage bag specially made for Christmas trees.

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